Black basement ceiling scrapper for $12,000

  • September 17, 2021

Black basement ceilings have become a popular Halloween decoration for many families.

The craze is being used by many, but it’s also a fun craft and one you can buy in bulk. 

But there’s a catch.

The ceiling scrappers are $12 to $18.

They’re small, lightweight and easy to install, but they’re also quite expensive. 

To make the ceiling scrapers more affordable, Koolance and her husband started selling them as DIY tools, a way to save on the price of a full floor. 

“There’s no question that we’re a lot of fun to do,” Koolances said.

“And we love doing this.” 

The Koolasters started with a simple idea.

They wanted to build a simple ceiling scrapping machine. 

What they came up with was a metal scraper that could be easily mounted on a wall or ceiling, and the tools included an old flashlight and a hammer.

They used an electric drill and a saw. 

The two of them spent about a month building the scraper and its components. 

After a few prototypes were built, they decided to build their first unit, the Koolantys say they purchased for about $13,000. 

Then, they started working on their second one, and they sold their first one to a couple friends for $8,000, which was well over what they were paying for a full-floor. 

With their first model, the metal scrappers were a good option for a budget.

But they weren’t exactly easy to build, so Koolante and her wife went with a lighter metal scrapper, the “metal hammer,” which can be bought for $1.95. 

Koolance said that she and her partner are very pleased with their first ceiling scraber. 

It’s an easy job, and you can do it in about a half an hour, she said.

The Koolants plan to add a second scraper for the black basement ceiling, but for now, they’ve only sold a few of the smaller ones. 

They’ve sold another couple of their smaller black basement ceilings, and Koolanta said she’s getting some calls about their black basement. 

She said that her husband’s ceiling scrabers are great and the kids love them. 

In fact, she thinks the black ceiling is one of the best Halloween decorations around. 

Black basement ceilings are one of Koolantes favorite Halloween decorations.

“It’s a really cute, modern, cute decor for the house,” she said, adding that it’s really fun to build. 

There’s nothing more fun than seeing your house’s ceilings covered in decorations and toiling away at them.

“The ceiling is a great tool for people who like to do things,” Kowalski said. 

So what’s the best part about ceiling scraping? 

It has a very good DIY feel, she says.

“You can buy a full one for $4,000 and it’s not going to break the bank,” Kooance said.

If you have a few minutes to spare, you can try out the DIY version of ceiling scrabing by following these tips. 

Before you begin: Set up a flat surface, such as a table, in the basement.

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