How to get rid of the ceiling installation at your home

  • September 23, 2021

In New York City, a new $1 million ceiling installation is taking the heat.

The installation at the home of one of New York’s wealthiest men is causing some controversy, with some neighbors concerned about what they think of their home’s history.

“I am a real estate guy, I’m very concerned,” said David Lebron, a member of the Manhattan Borough President’s political campaign team.

Lebron said the building is owned by a man who is also a member, but is not listed as a owner.

The man has been identified as the real estate tycoon and billionaire Peter Thiel, who has donated hundreds of millions of dollars to Republican candidates and causes.

Lebron said he is not a member or board member of Thiel’s political party and that he was not aware that Thiel is the real owner.

He said the man had previously lived in the building before the project was constructed, but has since moved out.

The construction has caused some issues for some neighbors who have complained about noise and a lack of air conditioning.

Leborons neighbors have said the noise has increased in the last couple of years, and the installation has increased air conditioning and raised the ceiling.

In a video posted to the building’s Instagram page on Tuesday, one of Lebrons neighbors said the new ceiling is not good for neighbors.

“It is kind of a problem with the ceiling and that it doesn’t seem to have air conditioning,” the neighbor said.

New York’s public health department has said the installation does not pose a health risk.

The building’s owner, Peter Thiel has denied any health concerns, and said he was aware of the installation.

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