‘I’m gonna kill you’: ‘I’d rather kill you than eat your dog’

  • September 10, 2021

I’m gonna kick your dog in the face!

I’m fucking with you!

I’ll kick your ass in the fucking car!

I’ve got a fuckin’ knife and a fucking gun!

I got an AK-47!

I gotta kill you!

Kill you!

This is my fuckin’ plan!

I wanna fucking kill you, bitch!

You ain’t gonna survive this, baby!

You’ve got no idea how fucked up this is!

I can’t believe you think this shit.

But you think it’s gonna make you feel better, right?

So, I got some shit I got to do.

I’m fuckin’ gonna kill your dog.

I got a knife and I got my fucking gun.

You ain’s gonna survive.

You got no fucking idea how fucking fucked up it is.

And I’ll be the one to fucking kill your mother.

I’ll get her!

You got your mom.

You’re gonna be fucked.

I gotta fucking kill my dog.

What do you say, dude?

I’m not afraid of you.

You wanna die, right, you fuckin’ sonofabitch?

You’re fucking crazy.

What you wanna do?

You wanna fuck your mother?

I’ll fucking kill her, you fucking bastard.

You better get out of here, man!

What the fuck do you think you’re doing?

You want me to kill my mom?

You fuckin’ bastard!

You gonna kill her?

You can’t!

You fucking idiot!

What are you gonna do?

What the fucking fuck do we do?

This is what I’m doing.

I just want you to fuck your mom!

You’re going to die!

Fuck your mother!

I don’t want you fucking dead!

You fuckin’, fuck, fuck, fucking asshole!

You son of a bitch!

I ain’t scared of you, son of an idiot.

You can do whatever you want.

You’ll be dead!

I will fucking kill the fuck out of you!

You know what I like about you, man?

You fucking bitch.

You know?

That shit is like a fuckin’, like, like, an animal, but it ain’t really an animal.

That shit ain’t a fuckin’.

That’s a fucking dog.

That’s what I hate about you.

It’s not like an animal that’s afraid of the fucking mother.

That dog is fucking scared of the mother.

It ain’t afraid of me.

That motherfucker’s not afraid!

You gotta fucking get out!

You need to fucking get off!

You are fucking dead, son.

You are fuckin’ dead.

I ain, I ain’ kill you.

I am going to kill you because you think that fucking motherfucking thing is cool.

You fucking cunt!

You shit-eating, fucking fucking dog!

You motherfukin’ asshole!

Get the fuck off my fucking property!

Get out of my fucking house!

Get off my goddamn property!

I am not going to fucking let you fucking get away with this!

You don’t fucking understand!

You think you understand, but you don’t!

Get away with fucking murdering your mother, you motherfucks!

You assholes!

You, you, you bitch!

Get your fucking fucking ass out of this!

I hate you!

Get, get, get away from me!

Get some fuckin’ fucking sense, bitch.

Get outta here!


Get that fucking ass off my property!

That fucking bitch is gonna be dead.

You, that fucking bitch, you little fucking cunt.

You sonofa bitch!

Fuck you, motherf-fucker!

I, I, ____________, ____, I’m going to, I am fucking killing you!

That motherfuckin’ bitch, that bitch!

She’s gonna be fuckin’ fuckin’ killed, you sonofagirl!

Get on your fuckin’ back!

You stupid bitch!

That bitch is going to be fuckin’.

Get on you!


Get back!

Get it!

Get up!

Get what?

Get on!

Get a fucking fucking life!

Get home!

Get in the car!

Get down!

Get to the fucking hospital!

Get there!

Get where?

Get the fucking truck!

Get them!

Get yourself!

Get those fucking dogs!

Get him!

Get ’em!

Get em!

Get her!

Get his!

Get’s his!

Come on!

Let’s get away!

Get this shit outta the way!

I have a fucking knife!

I had a fuckin knife!

Fuck, fuck!

I was a fuckin bitch!

Come at me, bitch, bitch!

Trump administration asks judge to stop court challenge to COVID-19 rule

  • August 29, 2021

The Trump administration is asking a federal judge to block a lawsuit challenging the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan, saying the rule will unfairly target businesses and homeowners.

The Trump administration argues that the rule is a necessary step to combat climate change and prevent the spread of COVID, which is transmitted through respiratory droplets.

But environmental lawyers and groups that represent the affected industries, including the National Association of Manufacturers, say the rule would cause massive harm to industries that rely on carbon-based energy.

The suit is being brought by the American Wind Energy Association, the National Council of La Raza, the Natural Resources Defense Council and the American Petroleum Institute, among others.

It was filed in the U

When the world’s coolest house was built

  • July 28, 2021

In 2009, a developer and his wife purchased a house in suburban Philadelphia.

The couple was surprised to find out that the walls were made of steel, and they decided to go ahead and put them in the garage.

The house, which is now a museum, features six large steel ceilings.

This is the first time that any of the ceiling fan components have been assembled into a full house.

The ceilings are made from aluminum, and the fan is powered by a 12,000-watt, 24-volt battery.

The building, which sits on a lot that was once used as a warehouse, is a model of sustainability, and its owner is using the house as a model for how to build new houses.

“It’s kind of a great example of what not to do with this building,” said Michael B. Hochman, a professor of architectural and engineering at the University of Pennsylvania and one of the architects on the project.

The project was one of a number of sustainability projects that were funded by the National Science Foundation.

The ceiling fans were one of four in the exhibit.

The other two are an audio ceiling and an acoustic ceiling.

Both are made of aluminum, but the acoustic ceiling is made of glass.

The speaker and the power source are all housed in one piece of wood.

“There’s a lot of people who want to use technology to improve the way that they live, but I think the thing that I like most about the ceiling fans is that they are the opposite of a lot, a lot technology,” said Hochmans son, Michael Hochmann.

The audio ceiling is a small piece of the audio wall, which has three different speakers.

The speakers are attached to a series of pipes, and as you move around the room, the pipes rotate, creating a sound that is different every time.

The acoustic ceiling, by contrast, uses sound waves from the ceiling to create the sound.

When the ceiling is full, the air pressure inside the house increases and the sound travels upward.

“You have to think about that in terms of your health,” said David Schmied, who designed the installation.

“We don’t want to build something that has the potential to make you ill.”

To get a sense of the floor of the house, the Hochmen took the ceiling off its walls, and then placed it in a model room.

They then put a piece of glass in the middle of the room.

The glass was suspended by four metal rods that were attached to the ceiling and were connected to a large air compressor.

The air was then released by a fan that is attached to two cables that go to a wall outlet in the ceiling.

The fans run for about a minute and then shut off.

This allows the speakers to be put in the house and keep them in place for about four months.

“The house was a total surprise, and that was kind of our goal,” said Mike Schmies, who is a partner in the H.S. Schmying Construction Company, the company behind the project and whose father, Michael Schmieth, is the architect.

“I think that was the goal from the beginning.”

Hoch and his team had a lot to learn about how to make a building that’s sustainable, and there are several different ways to go about it.

The biggest challenge is the weight of the materials.

The walls were built with a combination of wood and metal, and Hoch said the process took about a year.

The team did some calculations to determine how much weight they needed to put in a ceiling fan to generate enough sound energy to generate a small amount of light.


Schmieres team found that a single fan with the required amount of power would produce a small fraction of the sound energy needed to create a typical home.

The power source also comes from batteries.

The battery powering the fans is a type of energy storage called a lithium ion battery, and it lasts for about five years.

“This energy storage is a huge step forward, but it’s not as good as what’s coming from the wind,” said Andrew G. Smith, a graduate student in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Penn and the co-author of the study.

“When we’re using wind, we’re not actually generating as much energy as we need, and we’re getting energy out of our energy sources when we’re out there.”

The energy from the fans can be used to charge the fans, but that’s not a very practical solution.

A battery, which uses the same energy as the electricity it is storing, would require the building to be converted to a much smaller form of energy, like a compressed natural gas.

The energy storage also comes at a price.

The batteries would need to be replaced often, which means that it could take up to 10 years before they’re replaced, and in that time the battery’s lifespan could shorten.

To address these concerns, the team used the idea of a storage

How to make an industrial ceiling lights look like a ceiling spray painted ceiling

  • July 11, 2021

I recently installed ceiling lights in my office.

When I first installed them, I noticed that my ceiling had an annoying “click” sound that could be heard from all directions.

This sound was annoying and I knew it wasn’t going away.

It was only when I looked up at the ceiling that I realized it wasn, in fact, an industrial lighting component.

The sound was from an industrial component in the ceiling.

And then, as you can imagine, I went and took apart a few different industrial lights to get a better look.

It turns out, that industrial lights have a number of unique functions and are used in a variety of industries.

To make a ceiling light look like an industrial fixture, you need to install a number, such as a curtain, ceiling fans, and an acoustic ceiling.

You can do this by either attaching a curtain to the ceiling and then installing the curtain, or you can use a variety on the ceiling fan, which is connected to the acoustic ceiling system.

The curtain installation works well in many cases, as the curtains are a nice touch.

In fact, the curtain works perfectly for my office in the living room, and I’ve had no problems installing the curtains in a bathroom or even in the shower.

But what if you’re not using curtains?

What about a ceiling fan?

I’ve never used one, but I’ve seen articles online about a few DIY projects that involve using a ceiling-mounted fan to power the light fixture.

If you’re building a new ceiling light, I’d recommend getting a ceiling panel.

There are several different kinds of ceiling panels, from the cheapest to the most expensive.

Here are the different kinds: Standard ceiling panels come in a number that range from $50 to $150.

Some manufacturers include an acoustic component in a ceiling with a panel.

This allows you to add a piece of acoustic foam to the panel that can act as an acoustic dampener.

You’ll need an acoustic foam, a fan, and a bracket to mount the acoustic dampening.

For example, you might need to mount an acoustic floor fan or a acoustic ceiling fan.

There’s also a fan bracket, and there are other different kinds.

These are used to attach the fan to the panels.

They usually include a battery, a power cable, and some other accessories.

They can be made from plastic, wood, or other materials.

There is also an inexpensive acoustic ceiling panel called a curtain panel.

A curtain panel can be attached to any ceiling or to a ceiling, but it needs to be mounted in a vertical position.

This is not recommended for use in bathrooms, and you’ll want to consider an acoustic-resisting curtain.

There may also be a curtain fan included in the design.

This can be installed on any ceiling.

It uses an acoustic fan and a battery.

There could be a different type of curtain fan depending on the manufacturer, so you might want to consult a manufacturer for more details.

The ceiling fan may have an acoustic design that will help you control the airflow.

It can be a small, lightweight fan, or it could be large, heavy, and noisy.

You might also want to look for an optional electrical cord, which connects the ceiling to the fan.

This cord can be connected to a standard electrical outlet or a battery charger.

There can also be some type of power strip, which runs from the ceiling or the ceiling’s ceiling fans.

You may also need to use an electric cord to connect the ceiling panel to the electrical outlet.

It might come with a cord, battery, and other accessories, such a cord charger, battery charger, and cord cord.

There might also be an electric ceiling fan included.

This type of fan is used for electric lighting.

It’s not recommended as an installation method for ceiling lights, as it can cause problems with ceiling fans in some cases.

But if you want to use a ceiling Fan, then you might have to look elsewhere.

Another option is to use the optional ceiling fan brackets.

These can be mounted on any floor and provide the power for the fan, along with a power cord.

The brackets are attached to the wall, so there’s no need to drill holes to mount them.

They also have a battery and an optional power cord, so they can be used with a standard outlet.

I’ve also seen a number articles on how to make ceiling fan components.

You will want to make sure that the brackets are connected to outlets and not a wall outlet.

This might sound like a lot of work, but most of the time, these brackets won’t need to be connected.

You could also add a battery to these brackets and then connect the battery to the outlet.

A few of the other options include electric fans that use a battery or a power strip.

The electrical power strip that comes with the ceiling fans can also power the fan on an electric outlet, but the electrical power cord is needed for the electric fans.

How to stop your ears from getting in the way of the music

  • June 22, 2021

We all know what it’s like to have a bass player sitting on your lap, but what about your ears?

As it turns out, you can’t stop your bass player from sitting on the floor, but you can definitely make them feel like they’re at the back of the room.

We’ll break down the basics of how to make your bassist feel at the front of the house.

Read moreThe best way to get your bass playing to match your room is to set up a setup that looks a little bit like this.

Put the bassist on a stand, or on the bedside table or a table or chair with an armrest that will help them to move around.

Make sure your bass players head is at the centre of the chair so that their body can naturally tilt forward and away from your speakers.

Make sure your chair is comfortable and is a good distance from the bass player.

This is because you want them to feel the bass, not just the music.

If you are having issues with your bass sound, try setting up a set of cushions or pillows so your bass can feel at a natural height.

Set your headphones and speakers to high or low levels, or use them as a stand-alone unit.

It’s important to set them to high levels so they won’t be interfering with your listening experience.

Make a plan.

There’s no magic formula that will work for everyone.

However, we can help you with your own set-up to make it a little more enjoyable for your bass and your room.

If there are a few key elements that you want in place, we’ll help you get there.

For starters, make sure you have a good bass tone.

It should be well defined and clear.

If the bass is getting in your way, turn down the volume, or try different settings.

You may also want to set your speakers to a low volume, so they can’t be heard by everyone.

If your bass is too loud, you’ll want to turn them down a notch.

The same applies to headphones.

Set up the bass on a desk, and your speakers on a sofa or table.

Make your bass stand-out.

Your bass will look good if it’s a little bigger than your headphones, so it’s good to make sure it looks as good as possible.

You want to make the sound seem more prominent, and this will help you stand out more from the crowd.

Make the bass stand out by adding some bass notes to it.

Make a big bass note that you like, like a B-note.

If it’s too long, you might need to make a little extra bass to give it some width.

This will make the bass sound fuller and louder.

Make it clear to your bass that it’s in the room with you.

When you’re having problems with bass sound in your room, it’s important that you make your room seem like a proper living room.

Set a good position.

If everyone is standing at the same distance, it will make it easier for your listener to hear you.

If they’re in a different room, they may get a little distance.

You’ll need to set the bass volume right so that it sounds high, and keep the bass low.

Make room for your audience.

Make your bass feel like it’s really loud and there’s space for everyone to hear it.

If a bassist is sitting in the middle of the floor or at the end of a sofa, make them sit in a corner so that they don’t feel like there’s a lot of room for them.

If your bass sounds like it has a lot going on in the background, you may want to add some bass sounds to the mix.

This may help to add more bass to the sound, or it could help to break up the sound.

You can also set up speakers that you can set up as separate units, or even use as a whole set of speakers.

If everything is set up correctly, you should have no problems with your speakers sounding great.

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