How to fix your ceiling fan rotation problem

  • July 29, 2021

The ceiling fan can be the problem.

If you can’t get a good rotation, the ceiling fan will eventually break.

And then you’ll need to replace the fan, either from a brand new roof or a second source.

Here are 10 steps to fix the problem: 1.

Determine the type of ceiling fan.

If your ceiling is on the lowest level of your building, the fan might not rotate.

If it’s on the highest level, it could.

If the fan is on a brand-new roof, you might want to consider replacing it with one with a rotating blade or a more rigid base.


Find out how much the fan rotates.

This might be hard to do because the fan won’t stop if it rotates more than 10 degrees.

If that happens, you need to start looking at the type and speed of the fan.

This will give you a rough idea of what the fan rotation rate should be.

If more than 5 degrees of rotation is typical, you probably don’t need to change the fan speed.


Determute the fan’s blade.

You might have to buy a new blade, or you can get a cheaper, more durable fan that doesn’t rotate much.


If there are no fan blades or blades with a blade diameter smaller than 2.5 inches, you may need to cut the fan blades.


Replace the fan if it is damaged.

If an old fan or blade is damaged, you can replace it with a new one that has a blade with a diameter that’s a little smaller than 1.5.

The blades and fans will likely need to be replaced again to make sure that the fan doesn’t break again.


Check the blade angle.

If they’re both straight up and down, you should be able to get a rotation of 15 degrees.

But if the blades are angled down and straight up, you’ll have to rotate 15 degrees to get it to the same rotation.

You may have to adjust the blade to make it rotate at the right angle.


Check your fan speed and fan blade angle for signs of damage.

If one of the blades is bent, the blade may be too loose to turn, and you might need to bend it.

The blade might also be bent if it’s bent over a lot of the time.


Replace blades if they are damaged.

You can replace a damaged fan blade or blade with an older one that hasn’t rotated as much.

If both blades have the same angle, you’re probably OK. 9.

Find a way to rotate the fan faster.

You’re probably not going to need to go back to the manufacturer to get the fan to rotate more slowly.

But you can try going from 15 degrees of fan rotation to 20 or 25 degrees.

It might be worth checking that fan speed is OK. 10.

Install a new fan.

The new fan should rotate at a faster rate than the older one.

The only thing that’s really important here is that you’re using a blade that’s not bent over and can rotate at an angle of 15 to 20 degrees.

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