Interior design: Interior design for a coastal hotel

  • July 20, 2021

By Laura M. MartinFor CNN Home & Garden EditorLaura M. Martins report from West Palm Beach, Florida, and St. Petersburg, FloridaThe West Palm beach resort has long been known for its beach, but it is about to change.

The resort’s board of directors recently approved a $2.3 billion resort redevelopment project that would add two more hotel rooms, a golf course and the West Palm Springs Convention Center.

It is the largest expansion of the resort in 50 years, but its biggest challenge is getting enough financing to keep it afloat.

The project, called The West Palm Project, will transform West Palm’s famous beachfront property into a luxury resort, hotel and convention center.

The West Palms development is expected to cost $1.6 billion and open in 2024.

It has become the subject of much speculation and criticism because it will be built on a site that is already under development, such as the nearby Biscayne Bay.

The project is being financed by the Palm Beach County Planning Commission, which is trying to create a tourism-dependent tax that would make the resort more attractive.

The West Palm project will also include a beachfront condo complex, a luxury hotel and a residential development that will add 500 homes, the board said.

“West Palm Beach has been home to some of the greatest people and institutions of the past and the future of West Palm is going to be inextricably linked with the West Palmans history,” said board member Larry Dornan.

The board also approved the purchase of the former West Palm Resort & Club, a resort that closed in 2013.

The company’s former owner, David and Martha E. Stebbins, died in 2017 and left behind a legacy of luxury hotels, golf courses and convention centers.

The Stebbsons sold their property to a private equity firm in 2006 and later acquired a hotel, spa and shopping mall in St. Pete.

The new development is about 60% owned by the Stebbers, with the rest split between Palm Beach and the U.S. government, according to the Palm beach County Planning Board.

The Stebberts are the owners of Westgate Las Vegas, the resort they bought in 2009.

The construction of the project began last year, when the PalmBeach Resort & Convention Center Commission approved the plan for a new resort.

The commission approved the project after considering proposals from developers, including the Palm-based architecture firm of Gensler and Stibbons, which also designed the Westgate Hotel and Resort.

The development would include about 6,000 hotel rooms and 5,000 condo units.

It would also include about 400,000 square feet of retail space, including a mall and two hotels, according the board.

Construction of the complex is expected in 2018, with completion expected later this year.

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