‘I’m gonna kill you’: ‘I’d rather kill you than eat your dog’

  • September 10, 2021

I’m gonna kick your dog in the face!

I’m fucking with you!

I’ll kick your ass in the fucking car!

I’ve got a fuckin’ knife and a fucking gun!

I got an AK-47!

I gotta kill you!

Kill you!

This is my fuckin’ plan!

I wanna fucking kill you, bitch!

You ain’t gonna survive this, baby!

You’ve got no idea how fucked up this is!

I can’t believe you think this shit.

But you think it’s gonna make you feel better, right?

So, I got some shit I got to do.

I’m fuckin’ gonna kill your dog.

I got a knife and I got my fucking gun.

You ain’s gonna survive.

You got no fucking idea how fucking fucked up it is.

And I’ll be the one to fucking kill your mother.

I’ll get her!

You got your mom.

You’re gonna be fucked.

I gotta fucking kill my dog.

What do you say, dude?

I’m not afraid of you.

You wanna die, right, you fuckin’ sonofabitch?

You’re fucking crazy.

What you wanna do?

You wanna fuck your mother?

I’ll fucking kill her, you fucking bastard.

You better get out of here, man!

What the fuck do you think you’re doing?

You want me to kill my mom?

You fuckin’ bastard!

You gonna kill her?

You can’t!

You fucking idiot!

What are you gonna do?

What the fucking fuck do we do?

This is what I’m doing.

I just want you to fuck your mom!

You’re going to die!

Fuck your mother!

I don’t want you fucking dead!

You fuckin’, fuck, fuck, fucking asshole!

You son of a bitch!

I ain’t scared of you, son of an idiot.

You can do whatever you want.

You’ll be dead!

I will fucking kill the fuck out of you!

You know what I like about you, man?

You fucking bitch.

You know?

That shit is like a fuckin’, like, like, an animal, but it ain’t really an animal.

That shit ain’t a fuckin’.

That’s a fucking dog.

That’s what I hate about you.

It’s not like an animal that’s afraid of the fucking mother.

That dog is fucking scared of the mother.

It ain’t afraid of me.

That motherfucker’s not afraid!

You gotta fucking get out!

You need to fucking get off!

You are fucking dead, son.

You are fuckin’ dead.

I ain, I ain’ kill you.

I am going to kill you because you think that fucking motherfucking thing is cool.

You fucking cunt!

You shit-eating, fucking fucking dog!

You motherfukin’ asshole!

Get the fuck off my fucking property!

Get out of my fucking house!

Get off my goddamn property!

I am not going to fucking let you fucking get away with this!

You don’t fucking understand!

You think you understand, but you don’t!

Get away with fucking murdering your mother, you motherfucks!

You assholes!

You, you, you bitch!

Get your fucking fucking ass out of this!

I hate you!

Get, get, get away from me!

Get some fuckin’ fucking sense, bitch.

Get outta here!


Get that fucking ass off my property!

That fucking bitch is gonna be dead.

You, that fucking bitch, you little fucking cunt.

You sonofa bitch!

Fuck you, motherf-fucker!

I, I, ____________, ____, I’m going to, I am fucking killing you!

That motherfuckin’ bitch, that bitch!

She’s gonna be fuckin’ fuckin’ killed, you sonofagirl!

Get on your fuckin’ back!

You stupid bitch!

That bitch is going to be fuckin’.

Get on you!


Get back!

Get it!

Get up!

Get what?

Get on!

Get a fucking fucking life!

Get home!

Get in the car!

Get down!

Get to the fucking hospital!

Get there!

Get where?

Get the fucking truck!

Get them!

Get yourself!

Get those fucking dogs!

Get him!

Get ’em!

Get em!

Get her!

Get his!

Get’s his!

Come on!

Let’s get away!

Get this shit outta the way!

I have a fucking knife!

I had a fuckin knife!

Fuck, fuck!

I was a fuckin bitch!

Come at me, bitch, bitch!

The sea will be quiet after sea-level rise

  • July 29, 2021

The sea is expected to cool off in the coming months, and then rise again as the planet warms.

This could be due to two things.

First, the ocean floor will have been gradually sinking.

This is called a subsidence and it’s already happening.

Second, the sea level has been rising at a rate of about 1.5 millimetres per year for more than a century, with sea level rise accounting for the biggest proportion of the global rise.

It’s a huge deal, because it means there will be less land to be covered.

The world’s oceans are currently absorbing about one-third of the world’s annual emissions.

But the world could see more than half that by 2100, due to rising sea levels.

That would make sea levels around the world rise about 15cm over the next century.

What’s more, sea levels could rise much faster than anticipated, increasing the likelihood of devastating flooding in some places.

There are also growing concerns that rising seas will exacerbate a warming climate.

That’s why scientists are working to understand what role global warming may play in accelerating the ocean’s melting.

But sea level rises are not only the direct cause of the problem.

They’re also a major cause of climate change, affecting every aspect of life in the world.

They affect crops, water resources, food security, water quality, fisheries, fisheries and marine ecosystems, among other things.

If you live in a place where sea level is rising, you’re more likely to suffer from heatwaves, more severe droughts, more widespread outbreaks of disease, and more frequent flooding.

In some places, rising sea level will make it harder for people to swim or to get around, leading to deaths and loss of life.

The worst-case scenario is that more than 60% of the people living on islands in the Southern Hemisphere will be lost to sea level rising by 2100.

In the North Pacific, which includes the Antarctic, the most vulnerable region, the average risk of losing life is 40%.

The average loss of livelihood in the Pacific is expected at a loss of more than $30bn, according to the United Nations’ International Centre for Integrated Development (ICID).

That’s a figure that doesn’t include the impact of economic downturns and economic losses from natural disasters.

How will rising sea change the world?

The world has seen more sea level than the planet has seen in thousands of years.

And that’s because the ocean absorbs a lot of heat, making it more humid and less hospitable to living things.

The oceans have a finite capacity to hold water, and that makes it more likely that a rising ocean will cause more flooding.

But as sea levels rise, the water’s heat content will increase, making the water more acidic and making it less hospitably habitable for living things, and it could also make the ocean less hospitability to humans.

In a climate-change scenario, this could mean the sea levels will rise more quickly than they are now.

The rate of sea level change will depend on a number of factors, but it’s generally believed that the rate of rising sea will increase by 0.5cm per year, or about three feet.

That means by the end of this century, sea level could rise as much as 3.5 metres above present levels.

What can you do to prepare for sea level changes?

You need to plan to adapt to the effects of sea levels on your life.

You need a good sense of where the water is.

There’s a lot you can do, but here are a few simple things you can start to do to help you prepare: Keep a watchful eye on the sea.

It could be tempting to think that rising sea is good news.

It seems that we live in an increasingly peaceful and prosperous world.

But if you keep a watch on it, you’ll see that there’s no clear consensus on how to manage rising seas.

What we’re doing now is setting up systems to monitor the level of water around us, and we’ve seen a lot more of the water in some regions rising.

That can give you a better sense of what’s happening in the area.

If the water level’s rising too fast, there’s a high chance that it’s causing an outbreak of a disease, which could affect the food supply.

That could make it more difficult for people in coastal areas to get supplies or services, or for people living in those areas to find work or move around.

A lot of people have become complacent.

There is a perception that rising water is just normal and that the world is moving along in the right direction.

But this is an illusion.

Rising sea could mean disaster.

We can help protect people by making sure we’re able to deal with those situations that may arise.

But we need to prepare ourselves to deal.

Take measures to protect yourself and your home.

There will always be some risk associated with any type of

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