‘I’m gonna kill you’: ‘I’d rather kill you than eat your dog’

  • September 10, 2021

I’m gonna kick your dog in the face!

I’m fucking with you!

I’ll kick your ass in the fucking car!

I’ve got a fuckin’ knife and a fucking gun!

I got an AK-47!

I gotta kill you!

Kill you!

This is my fuckin’ plan!

I wanna fucking kill you, bitch!

You ain’t gonna survive this, baby!

You’ve got no idea how fucked up this is!

I can’t believe you think this shit.

But you think it’s gonna make you feel better, right?

So, I got some shit I got to do.

I’m fuckin’ gonna kill your dog.

I got a knife and I got my fucking gun.

You ain’s gonna survive.

You got no fucking idea how fucking fucked up it is.

And I’ll be the one to fucking kill your mother.

I’ll get her!

You got your mom.

You’re gonna be fucked.

I gotta fucking kill my dog.

What do you say, dude?

I’m not afraid of you.

You wanna die, right, you fuckin’ sonofabitch?

You’re fucking crazy.

What you wanna do?

You wanna fuck your mother?

I’ll fucking kill her, you fucking bastard.

You better get out of here, man!

What the fuck do you think you’re doing?

You want me to kill my mom?

You fuckin’ bastard!

You gonna kill her?

You can’t!

You fucking idiot!

What are you gonna do?

What the fucking fuck do we do?

This is what I’m doing.

I just want you to fuck your mom!

You’re going to die!

Fuck your mother!

I don’t want you fucking dead!

You fuckin’, fuck, fuck, fucking asshole!

You son of a bitch!

I ain’t scared of you, son of an idiot.

You can do whatever you want.

You’ll be dead!

I will fucking kill the fuck out of you!

You know what I like about you, man?

You fucking bitch.

You know?

That shit is like a fuckin’, like, like, an animal, but it ain’t really an animal.

That shit ain’t a fuckin’.

That’s a fucking dog.

That’s what I hate about you.

It’s not like an animal that’s afraid of the fucking mother.

That dog is fucking scared of the mother.

It ain’t afraid of me.

That motherfucker’s not afraid!

You gotta fucking get out!

You need to fucking get off!

You are fucking dead, son.

You are fuckin’ dead.

I ain, I ain’ kill you.

I am going to kill you because you think that fucking motherfucking thing is cool.

You fucking cunt!

You shit-eating, fucking fucking dog!

You motherfukin’ asshole!

Get the fuck off my fucking property!

Get out of my fucking house!

Get off my goddamn property!

I am not going to fucking let you fucking get away with this!

You don’t fucking understand!

You think you understand, but you don’t!

Get away with fucking murdering your mother, you motherfucks!

You assholes!

You, you, you bitch!

Get your fucking fucking ass out of this!

I hate you!

Get, get, get away from me!

Get some fuckin’ fucking sense, bitch.

Get outta here!


Get that fucking ass off my property!

That fucking bitch is gonna be dead.

You, that fucking bitch, you little fucking cunt.

You sonofa bitch!

Fuck you, motherf-fucker!

I, I, ____________, ____, I’m going to, I am fucking killing you!

That motherfuckin’ bitch, that bitch!

She’s gonna be fuckin’ fuckin’ killed, you sonofagirl!

Get on your fuckin’ back!

You stupid bitch!

That bitch is going to be fuckin’.

Get on you!


Get back!

Get it!

Get up!

Get what?

Get on!

Get a fucking fucking life!

Get home!

Get in the car!

Get down!

Get to the fucking hospital!

Get there!

Get where?

Get the fucking truck!

Get them!

Get yourself!

Get those fucking dogs!

Get him!

Get ’em!

Get em!

Get her!

Get his!

Get’s his!

Come on!

Let’s get away!

Get this shit outta the way!

I have a fucking knife!

I had a fuckin knife!

Fuck, fuck!

I was a fuckin bitch!

Come at me, bitch, bitch!

How to install a honeywell ceiling fans

  • July 1, 2021

When you’re buying a new home, you’ll probably want to get a ceiling fan for the kitchen.

The amount of space you have will depend on what you want to do with it.

You can’t just hang it on the wall, but you can easily hang it behind the couch and a table.

You could also install one in the living room, and if you’re going to be living in a bigger house, you can hang one in a closet, or even in the kitchen if you want the cool air to escape from the kitchen sink.

But if you’ve got a smaller home, or if you have a few bedrooms, you probably don’t want to bother with ceiling fans.

That’s because, at $300 to $500, you’re paying more for a fan than a standard dishwasher.

The most expensive ceiling fans we tested cost $600 to $700.

If you’re looking for a cheaper option, here’s a few other options.

We tested a couple of these ceiling fans for you and found that they’re pretty similar to the Honeywell ones we tested.

You’ll notice that they all have the same kind of fans, which means they’re all very similar in size and weight.

You probably want the fan with the most capacity, but there are some different fans that might work better for you.

There’s also one that we tested, the S2, which we think is a pretty decent option for those who want a dishwasher or sink-free sink.

There are also other fan options out there, but we’ve chosen to focus on ceiling fans in this post because they’re the cheapest options for those looking to save money.

How to make a ‘kitchen’ ceiling fan for $10,000

  • June 20, 2021

In the world of low-budget house-building, the kitchen ceiling fan is a classic, but there are a few tricks to make it work for under $1,000.1.

Get a kitchen ceiling grinder and a cheap, plastic, stainless steel one with an open design.2.

Buy an inexpensive kitchen ceiling vent and install it on the outside of your house.3.

Cut out the air in your living room and pour it into the vent.4.

Install the vent and cut the open part of the vent in half.5.

Replace the vents with ductwork.6.

Install a new vent to hold the vent open.7.

Install ductwork to hold a new grinder in place.8.

Install ceiling fans in the kitchen.9.

Upgrade your kitchen.10.

Replace your old vent with a new one.

I had my first DIY ceiling fan when I was 15, and I still have a few around.

The first time I tried to install a ceiling fan, I ended up smashing my ceiling fan on the floor, causing it to shatter, so I spent a few months cleaning it up.

It’s been about six months since that first DIY, and since then I’ve had three more.

I’m a DIYer, so there’s more than enough to do to get this DIY going, but I’m trying to keep this post a little shorter.

For starters, I’ve got the kitchen, bathroom, and living room to do it, so that’s my first stop.

If you want to do more than just one thing, I recommend getting a new refrigerator.

I got a $70 KitchenAid and two older ones for $35 each.

The old ones were really flimsy and I couldn’t fit them all in the refrigerator, so the new ones are great for this DIY.

The only problem is that the kitchen doors aren’t quite as large as the bathroom doors.

So I have to get the doors wider.

(Note: I did get one of the older doors wide enough to fit my kitchen counter and fridge, but it was too wide and wouldn’t open.

That was before I started using the new doors.

It was a total waste of money.)

For the kitchen area, I got two old stainless steel kitchen counters.

One has a removable bottom and is just hanging out, while the other has a sliding panel that opens up to make room for the fridge and freezer.

They’re really flaky, so you’ll want to get both of them.

One will be a stainless steel top that goes up to about two feet and one will be metal, but that’s fine because you’ll probably have to do this before you get the new counters.

The two are made by KitchenAid, and they cost about $35.

If they didn’t cost that much, I’d probably be buying them in bulk.

You can also buy two metal grills.

One is just a griddle with a flat top, while another is just the griddle and the grille on one side.

The metal griddle costs about $40, and the metal grill will probably cost you about $15.

The grill that comes with the countertop is great for the kitchen but it won’t hold up well, so if you want a solid griddle, get one that’s flat and has a metal base.

For the living room, I bought two kitchen cabinets, and one is the bottom of the kitchen cabinet.

The other is a sliding cabinet with a metal frame.

The cabinets are just over three feet wide, and if you’ve got a larger kitchen, you might want to go with a larger cabinet.

I bought the cabinets because they were cheap and the bottom was really flappy and wouldn.

The one that has a rounded bottom is the one that will hold up best.

You can get a good price on a pair of cabinets that is wider and better-looking.

If that’s not a good option, you can go with the one with a more rounded bottom, which is made by Ikea.

(This is where the kitchen door will be on your kitchen counter.)

For the living rooms, I found the two shelves in the front of the living space to be the easiest to stack and move around, so they were my first go-to options.

They’ll fit in the back of the cabinet and can easily be moved around.

If the shelf that goes on top of the cabinets is too wide, you’ll have to move it down the wall to get a nice, flat shelf.

For this DIY, I also got a large refrigerator.

It comes with a front cabinet that goes from the top of your living space up to the ceiling, and a rear cabinet that comes from the bottom.

The rear cabinet has a nice rectangular front and a large rounded back, and it will fit pretty well with the kitchen cabinets.

The front cabinet will also work for the living areas, but the back cabinet

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